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Have an idea that you think would be perfect for the Essential BS? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re particularly interested in personal stories where you’ve learned a lesson or made a change, but we’re down to be pitched any amazing ideas you’ve got floating around in that beautiful mind of yours.

  • Here are just a few things we love that give EBS articles their unique flavor. If your idea touches on some of these, consider that a good sign.
  • We love articles that make us laugh and make us think.
  • We love articles that teach us how to navigate the ins and outs of everyday life.
  • We love articles that read like we’re talking to an old friend.
  • We love articles that deepen our appreciation for the things we love.

If you’re still unsure if EBS is the right fit for you—stay awhile and take a look around the site. The articles we’re publishing should give you a pretty clear picture of the ideas we’re looking for. Best of luck and happy pitching!

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