Who We Are

Everyone wants to be better, but we’ll let you in on a little secret—sometimes getting better sucks.

Here at the Essential BS, we want to help make your transformation into a functioning human being as painless as possible. From landing an awesome job to cooking a meal that didn’t start out frozen, at EBS you’ll find everything you need in your quest to navigate the BS of life.

Now, we’re not trying to offer any lifestyle epiphanies or complete personality makeovers here. No one’s going to lock you in the weight room six days a week or replace your favorite superhero t-shirt with a three-piece suit. We at EBS believe that change is best when it’s incremental and when it fits well with the goals and interests you set for yourself.

So how do you know if EBS is right for you? Well, we’re the kind of folks who:
  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • Know what we enjoy and pursue it relentlessly.
  • Want to succeed but have fun doing it.
  • Know what it’s like to be the dorky kid.
It’s okay to be happy with your life, and it’s okay to want better—those things aren’t mutually exclusive. Striking a balance between the two is what we aim to help you do. Welcome to the Essential BS.